Maria Faust Group - Bitchslap Boogie



Released: Barefoot Records, 2008

Recorded at: The Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen

Mastering: Ole Jonas Storli, Barefoot Records

Sound engineering: Oscar André Lie Foss

Cover design: Jan Thomsson



Maria Faust - alto saxophone, Lars Greve - tenor/soprano saxophone,, Tormod Melaas Holm - baritone saxophone/soprano saxophone

Thomas Caudery - trumpet, Markus Pesonen - guitar, Morten Pedersen - piano, Adam Melbye - bass, Håkon Berre - drums



1. Bitchslap Boogie (Faust)

2. Dreams (Faust)

3. Lonely Woman (Faust)

4. 1632 (Faust)

5. The virgins are trimming their waists (Faust)

6. New panties and boots (Faust)

7. Housewifes powerdance (Faust)

8. Dance, dance (Faust)