EstherOrkester - The Harp & The Fuzzy Cazoo



Type: CD

Recorded at: Barefoot Studios, Copenhagen

Year: 2010

Sound engineering: Ole Jonas Storli

Cover design: Ronja Svenning Berge



Esther Buchmann - vocals

Tangent 007 - keys

Håkon Berre - drums & percussion

Erik Olevik - bass

Ask Nørholm - guitar

Aino Juutilainen - cello

Jimmy Nyborg - trumpet

André Jensen - trombone & tuba

Tori Wrånes - backing vocals on "Skip a beat"

Håkon Moe & Anders Borchgrevink - backing vocals on "I fail with pride"




1. You are so (Buchmann)

2. Clara (Buchmann)

3. Get back on (Buchmann)

4. Sill you are beautiful (Buchmann)

5. The soundless war (Buchmann)

6. It never stops (Buchmann)

7. I fail with pride (Buchmann)

8. The tandem jump (Buchmann)

9. Skip a beat (Buchmann)

10. He who listened good (Buchmann)

11. My man (Buchmann)

12. What we do for love (Buchmann)